Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia – CINS (Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo Srbije – CINS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to investigative journalism according to the internationally recognized standards, including the use of new tools and techniques.

Our goal is to continuously offer to the Serbian citizens important facts about Serbian society that were hidden or unknown prior to our investigations. CINS hopes to help citizens reach informed decisions in this manner.

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia was founded by the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia with the aim to show that independent journalism in line with the highest professional standards is possible in Serbia.

CINS is funded by donations in order to avoid the influence of funding sources originating from business and politics that have been controlling the content of some commercial media in Serbia rendering their social role meaningless.

CINS supports the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the equality of all Serbian citizens, regardless of their gender, race, national, religious or political affiliation and other diversities. CINS also supports the right of citizens to transparency of the work of public bodies and the right to be informed about all the facts important for our society. 

CINS recognizes the authority of the Press Council. If you believe that CINS has violated the Serbian Journalists’ Code of Ethics with its reporting, you can complain to this self-regulatory body.



Promotion of independent, responsible and professional journalism and the respect of high and internationally recognized standards in journalism;

Production and publishing of investigative media content on CINS web site and in other local and international media;

Education of journalists and editors in Serbia in hands-on skills of investigative journalism; 

Providing opportunity for journalists, particularly young ones, and the citizens in general to apply the skills and techniques of investigative journalism in order to expose important facts to the Serbian public;

Cooperation with similar organizations, other media and media organizations in Serbia, the region of South East Europe and internationally, including cross-border investigative projects;

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations in Serbia and abroad. 


Long term goals:

To contribute to the presence and advancement of independent journalism in Serbia;

To identify problems in Serbia and offer solutions;

To educate citizens of Serbia about the importance of professional and responsible journalism;

To contribute to the public discourse and civil society by publishing fair and honest investigations on topics of interest for the citizens of Serbia, regardless of ownership or political interests.












• Media Tolerance Award (second place in the online media category) granted by The Commissioner for Protection of Equality and the OSCE mission in Serbia


Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia Award for excellence in investigative journalism in the online category for the series of articles covering floods in Serbia in 2014


Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia Award for excellence in investigative journalism in the category:

– online media for the regional investigation about budget paid meaningless international awards
– electronic media for TV reportage covering fraud in the construction of apartments in Belgrade quart Filmski grad


• Regional Award Jug Grizelj for the excellence in investigative journalism to Stevan Dojcinovic, then Editor-in-Chief of CINS

 Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia Award for excellence in investigative journalism in the online media category for a series of articles covering implementation of BusPlus system in Belgrade


Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia Award for excellence in investigative journalism in the online media category for a series of articles in Project Ćopić


Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia Award for excellence in investigative journalism in the young journalists for a series of articles in Mišković

• Daniel Pearl Award granted by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – then Editor-in-Chief of CINS Stevan Dojcinovic was one of seven members of the international investigative team awarded for the cross-border investigation covering off-shore 


International organizations

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia is a member of the network of journalists and centers Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). In cooperation with other members of OCCRP, CINS participates in cross-border investigative projects. This form of collaboration is the only one that can investigate organized crime as it easily crosses state borders where national police forces stop.

OCCRP strongly supported the establishment and development of CINS and continues to do so.

CINS is a member of the international organization of investigative journalists Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN). GIJN is an organization of non-profit investigative journalism groups. Its activities are production of investigative stories, trainings, securing funds for the work of investigative journalists and helping found similar non-profit groups. It was established in 2003. It organizes biannual international conferences of investigative journalism where CINS journalists and editors are active participants.

In 2022, CINS joined the European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet), as the first media outside the EU.


What do we investigate? 

CINS investigates organized crime, politics, business, frauds, energy, environment, corruption, judiciary, sports and other important parts of society.

Although CINS has capacity for investigating a relatively small number of issues, it focuses on those that have the greatest impact on the lives of as many Serbian citizens as possible. 

CINS also uses every opportunity to investigate issues that are not of national importance, but local media do not investigate them and national media are disinterested in such issues.

The influence on the society is a key criterion for CINS when choosing topics to investigate.



The Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia was founded in 2007, as a section of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia.

In 2012 CINS became an independent legal entity and is registered as a foundation with the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

Since its establishment, CINS conducted numerous investigative and educational projects and published several tens of investigative stories.