08 Aug 2023

Nature Under Attack: Experts Forced to Approve Construction of Environmentally Destructive Dam

Many protected species including birds, owls, fish and bats live in the Ribnica river gorge, near Mionica. In spite of…
19 Jun 2023

During last year’s pre-election campaign, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) used a two-hour show on Pink for self-promotion, which is not permitted under the Law on Advertising. According to an investigation carried out by CINS, there is financial benefit behind the move, the legality of which is questionable, and it is not the first time the party has done something like this.

29 May 2023

Two years ago, a radioactive part was lost in a field near Iđoš, the radiation of which could have put the inhabitants of this place in danger. What ensued was unknown to the public until now. CINS brings the story about it.