REM’s Secret Report: Televisions before Elections Served to Vučić

CINS is unveiling the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media long-hidden report on media reporting during the 2016 election campaign. Free-to-air…
16. Sep 2019.

Serbian Progressive Party activists, also known as bots, have until recently been able to leave thousands of pluses and minuses on comments posted on the Kurir and Espreso websites through the VotR2 app, thus influencing the readers of these popular media. The app contains information from the two websites’ code and has been operating independently of the bots’ activities, shows research conducted by the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS).

19. Jul 2019.

In order for a company co-owned by Dejan Drecun, son of Serbian Progressive Party official Milovan Drecun, to build a biomass power plant in Veliko Gradište, a land lease tender was called specifically for that purpose in 2016. Even though the company had violated the contract from the start, it was terminated over two years later*, while the multimillion euro investment failed to materialize