29. Apr 2021.

Controversial Lease Between State Official and Telekom, Investigation Full of Holes

Telekom Srbija paid Igor Mirović, the head of the Vojvodina government and member of the Serbian Progressive Party leadership, at…
28. Apr 2021.

Contaminated drinking water in some elementary schools in Serbia is a risk to children’s health that is not being dealt with, shows an analysis by CINS. Water dispensers and bottled water only temporarily replace the tap, for which permanent solutions are not even planned. The example of schools in Užice and the experts CINS talked with show that solutions are not unattainable.

26. Apr 2021.

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Health urgently purchased ten ambulances for the COVID-19 hospitals in Batajnica and Kruševac from Fiat dealer Nikom Auto. Despite being legally obliged, the Ministry did not reveal the price it had paid for the vehicles and what company had been given the job. Experts say there was no reason for expedited procedure and that the Ministry should be called to account for violating the law.