27. Jul 2020.

Protests: Courts Side with Police, Send People to Prison Even for Expletives

After the protests in Belgrade and Novi Sad in early July, misdemeanor courts handed down a total of 43 convictions…
23. Jul 2020.

For years now, there has been no real image of air quality in Serbia. According to the latest report by the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency, the scope of pollution monitoring has been constantly decreasing and from 2014 to the end of 2018 most data from air quality monitoring stations were unusable. That is why some cities are marked as unpolluted, while the experts CINS talked with believe we would have the actual image of pollution only if all stations operated.

19. Jun 2020.

The MPs who arrive in the capital city for parliament sessions in their own car do not justify the money spent on fuel by submitting receipts, but rather only signed statements. Even the MPs who have apartments in Belgrade use these benefits, which CINS’ interlocutors describe as malfeasance.