20 Dec 2022

Boosting the Birth Rate – Behind the Scenes: Millions Given to Association from Čačak with No Strings Attached

Each year, municipalities and cities throughout Serbia donate money to the Čačak-based association Tri Plus to support families with three…
05 Dec 2022

In one of the best locations on Kopaonik, with direct ski slope access, apartment buildings have been under illegal construction for years. Despite warnings, bans, and court proceedings, they have not been demolished to this day. Instead, they serve as an example of how illegal construction in a protected area is tolerated.

01 Nov 2022

On the road from Mionica to the village of Struganik, trucks loaded with stone pass by every few minutes. Thin stone blocks and ‘for sale’ signs are stacked on either side of the road. Stone is very important for this region, and it is also the main source of income for some residents. Jelena Jovičić Petrović, who grew up in the area, says that the nature here is beautiful and that she never thought it could disappear. However, the rapidly expanding Kamalj quarry seems to have proven her wrong.