19. Oct 2021.

Serbian Progressive Party: from Being a Tenant to Owning Real Estate Worth Millions

Near Palić, some 200 meters from the border with Hungary, is a salaš (a traditional type of farm in the…
30. Sep 2021.

In spite of numerous investments in the treatment of wastewater that flows from Subotica into Lake Palić, the water is not suitable for swimming and life in the lake is endangered.

29. Sep 2021.

Despite experts’ warnings that riding all-terrain vehicles – the popular quads – is harmful to nature in national parks, this type of entertainment is becoming increasingly popular on Mt. Fruška Gora. Even though the law was amended around the middle of the year, the public company managing this national park, unlike some others, has not requested that the use of quads be banned or better regulated. Instead, it is considering introducing quad trails.