24. Nov 2020.

Private Firm Pays for Pro-Boycott TV Spots, Denies Any Connection with Opposition

Advertisements calling for an election boycott, which aired on the N1 and Nova S TV channels some 400 times during…
20. Nov 2020.

Even though it is cheaper and less harmful to the environment, biomass remote heating has not reached Serbian citizens’ homes yet. Six out of 10 municipalities have dropped plans to build a heating plant with funding from a German Development Bank (KfW) loan, while the loan agreement is being kept from the public. Experts say there is no national strategy for utilizing our biggest renewable energy source and that the problem is that local self-government units decide for themselves.

28. Oct 2020.

The number of floods in Serbia is growing, while extremely high temperatures broke a record last year. Extreme weather conditions are a part of climate change, the worsening of which we have yet to see, CINS’ interlocutors announce. Serbia has fallen far behind in adopting key regulations designed to assist in the fight against climate change, and the European Union notes that there is no political will for an urgent response.