26. Feb 2021.

Religion, Politics and Football – Orban’s Way to Tighten His Grip in Vojvodina

A sports academy, an expensive fence for the football field in the churchyard, the restoration and work of churches whose…
26. Feb 2021.

Hungarian citizens paid around 12 million euros for the work of Hungarian media in Serbia from 2011 until the end of 2019. CINS investigation shows that the neighboring country financed information content, current expenses, and the purchase of real estate by media that show sympathy with Fidesz, the party of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, in terms of content and ownership. Experts say this was a purchase of influence in Serbia. CINS also reveals the reason of the oldest Hungarian newspaper’s editor-in-chief dismissal, and why the votes of Vojvodina Hungarians are important for the result in the European parliament elections.

18. Dec 2020.

The air polluted with PM particles in Smederevo, Kostolac and many other places in Serbia, has a negative effect on the health of their residents. Nevertheless, on days when pollution levels are the highest they are not notified of that because many data are publicized too late – a month or even a year later, according to CINS’ research. And while the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency publishes data, CINS’ interlocutors believe that local measurements that are not included in the official assessment of air quality should be more important.