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Jelena Obućina Wins Stanislav Staša Marinković Award, CINS Gets Nomination and Praise

08 Jun 2021
The CINS staff; photo: Oliver Bunić
Newsmax Adria journalist Jelena Obućina is the winner of this year’s Stanislav Staša Marinković Award, given out by the Danas daily. CINS journalist Jovana Tomić was shortlisted for the award, while the entire staff was lauded for its investigative stories.

On the occasion of its “birthday,” June 9, the Danas newspaper has handed the Stanislav Staša Marinković Award to Newsmax Adria editor Jelena Obućina for her original approach to hosting and editing the Pregled dana (Review of the Day) show.

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) journalist Jovana Tomić was shortlisted for the award, along with the KRIK staff, editor at RTS (now at Euronews) Svetlana Janićijević and RTS editor Bojan Bosiljčić.

In addition, the jury particularly praised the investigative stories of the KRIK and CINS staff, as an example of journalistic courage and uncompromising perseverance.

The jury members were Dragana Marinković (wife of Stanislav Staša Marinković), Faculty of Political Sciences professor Snježana Milivojević, Danas editors Ivana Matijević and Aleksandar Milošević, N1 TV journalist Vojislav StevanovićRade Radovanović (a representative of the founders of the Danas newspaper) and the Danas editor-in-chief, Dragoljub Petrović.

The Stanislav Staša Marinković annual journalism award is handed out for journalistic courage and special achievements in investigative and analytical journalism. The award was first handed out by the Borba daily, then by Naša Borba, while the Danas newspaper has been doing so since 2000.

Stanislav Staša Marinković was the president of the Journalists’ Association of Serbia from 1983 to 1985.

Among the previous winners of the award are caricaturist Predrag Koraksić Corax, satirist and TV show host Zoran Kesić, the N1 television staff, and columnist and author Svetislav Basara.

Danas has also handed out the Nikola Burzan annual award for best journalist of the daily, which has gone to politics section journalist Marija Stojanović.

The CINS staff; photo: Oliver Bunić


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