Milica Šarić


Milica worked as an investigative journalist and fact-checker since 2012, while she became editor-in-chief in Center for investigative journalism of Serbia in 2018. She won the European Union award for the best young investigative journalist in Serbia in 2016, and with CINS team won the prestigious 2017 European Press Prize, as well as the WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism and Dušan Bogavac award for ethics and courage. She investigated money laundering, botched privatisations, energy and ecology issues, private security, financing of political parties and judiciary. As a fact-checker on cross-border projects she contributed to OCCRP, and as an external associate she contributes to the International Fact-Checking Network. She led to the creation of the first online game on the topic of corruption in public procurement in Serbia: “The good, the bad, and the corrupt” and was editor of 2 more databases about public officials. Holds trainings on fact-checking and investigative journalism skills.

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Dinа Đorđević


Member of CINS since 2017. She was the most successful participant of the 2015 CINS Investigative Journalism School.

Dina contributes to multimedia production with the production of short videos, infographics, and photos. 

She won the 2019 special merit award within the National Awards for Excellence in Investigative Journalism and “Marina Kovačev” award in 2018 for the best young journalist under 30. Dina was a member of CINS investigative team which won the 2017 national award “Dušan Bogavac” for ethics and courage and a finalist for the 2018 National Awards for Excellence in Investigative Journalism.

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Vladimir Kostić


He worked as a journalist at CINS for almost eight years, while today he is a freelance journalist, collaborating with multiple media organizations.

With his coworkers, Vladimir won two National Awards for Excellence in Investigative Journalism, 2017 European Press Prize, the WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism and a Balkan Fact-Checking Award. 

He specialized in writing about public finances, crime, and corruption. This year his focus has been on investigating the business of small hydropower plants and their environmental impact.

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Teodora Ćurčić

journalist and data and multimedia specialist

Teodora joined the team in 2018 after being the most successful participant of CINS’s Investigative journalism training. She took part in creating the database on some 2.800 proceedings that the Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency conducted against public officials. She was included in the entire process: collecting data, analyzing and creating visualizations.

In 2018, this database was shortlisted in the Open Data category for the Data Journalism Award.

Teodora is now in charge of digital promotion, community engagement, multimedia production, and investigations.

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Branko Čečen


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Nevena Ršumović

project manager

Marko Lazić

financial manager