Frauds, robberies, murders and other crimes - from Serbia to Panama. The most incredible stories come from the executors, as well as from those who are innocent.
Often overlooked, ecology reveals some of the most intriguing names on the Serbian political scene. The struggle for self-interest divides people into those who want to protect nature and defend their future, and those who see a profit in it. CINS found itself between two groups where we reported about great stories.
What are the biggest issues in education in Serbia, are there enough interested and courageous people to deal with false diplomas and low values. CINS has discovered a plagiarized PhD from one Governor of the National bank of Serbia, was the first to come out with information about others and plans to expand to more vulnerable groups of pupils.
District heating and coal combustion – whether at home or in thermal power plants – are synonymous for energetic in Serbia. Complicated tenders, foreign loans, and international agreements are often on the line of defense of public interest investment.
The proclaimed dream of every government of fighting corruption has led voters to be misled many times. Through research, CINS has proven that corruption most often comes from the above.
Crime conceived by the alienation of the mind and body, and by the injection of fear. Through a series of interviews and research texts, we aim to show the things that are easier to "turn a blind eye to".
Has Serbia's judicial system got out of the way? How many instances of intimidation and unrest are present in the system? Read from those who have been awarded multiple awards for such discoveries.
The media scene in Serbia has long been a representation of society. The allocation of state money to pro-regime media and the repression of independent media is an increasingly difficult reality for society to tackle.
Football, business, politics, and drugs – what do they have in common and who is in charge of transfers for young players? Are there any major fan groups or club management at the club? Who is in control of whom? Fans who have grown into hooligans over the decades have been influencing Serbia’s high politics – CINS has dealt with what their interests are and how far the relationship goes.