Independent support for independent investigative journalism

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CIJS), based in Belgrade, is a unique organization in Serbia, dedicated to the production of investigative journalism with the goal to provide verified and accurate information based on facts and evidence that will help citizens to better understand events in the country and the region.
Owing to its investigative work involving deatailed research of documentation and fact-checking stories several times, CIJS has become a relevant source of information for those who want to learn more about corruption and organized crime, which are among the biggest problems in Serbia. 
We are working on investigative projects and stories that cover all spheres of society: corruption and fight against corruption, rule of law, politics and transparency and accountability of politicians, energy and environment, education, health, employment, sports, smuggling of drugs and cigarettes, falsifying of drugs documents, financial and other scams.

We need support in order to proceed with such investigations. Your contribution will directly help the work of CIJS and the fulfilment of our goal: to reduce crime and corruption, especially among the leadership of the country and financial elite, as well as to improve the conditions in other spheres of life. Help us fight for the truth so we can live in a more equitable society.
CIJS has built a reputation of an uncompromising investigative center that independently decides on its investigations. We do not accept any possible conditions about choice of topics and editorial policy by the donors. We rely on donors that do not attempt to influence our investigations and – on you, trusting that you have the same goals as we do. 

Thank you.
(NOTE: We guarantee the anonymity of donors who wish to stay anonymous)

Instructions for payment from Serbia:

Data for filling out the slip:
• Purpose of payment – Donation;
• Recipient – Centar za istrazivacko novinarstvo – Fondacija (CINS Fondacija);
• Address: Resavska 28/II, 11000 Belgrade;
• Account (local currency – RSD): 265-1610310003444-68;

On a general payment slip, you need to write your name, surname and exact address.


Instructions for payments from abroad:

• Purpose of payment – Donation;
• Recipient – Centar za istrazivacko novinarstvo – Fondacija (CINS Fondacija); 
• Address: Resavska 28/II, 11000 Belgrade;
• Account number for payments in EUR: IBAN RS35265100000012052204
CINS Fondacija, Resavska 28 / II, Belgrade – Vračar, Serbia
• Bank: RAIFFEISEN BANKA AD, Belgrade, Serbia

The cost of bank fees shall be borne by the payer.

On the confirmation of the payment you need to write your name and full address (street, city, country)

In case of any problems, please contact the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia via email: or phone + 381 11 33 42 790.