At this year’s “Dejan Anastasijević” Investigative Journalism Awards ceremony, CINS journalists were presented with three awards.

17 May 2024

CINS’s trio of journalists – Ivana Milosavljević, Teodora Ćurčić, and Vladimir Kostić – are the winners of this year’s Ethical Journalism Award.

08 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day – 8 March – is an occasion to discuss whether men and women in Serbia are equal – and to what extent. According to data, men are more likely to hold leadership positions and earn more.

04 Mar 2024

The quality of air in Serbia has been the subject of discussion for years, and it is no secret that the country is the worst in Europe in terms of premature pollution-related deaths. Recent satellite data accessed by Deutsche Welle in cooperation with the European Data Journalism Network is revealing.

28 Feb 2024

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) has included CINS’s investigation into SNS’s call center in its final report on Serbia’s elections held in December 2023.

25 Jan 2024

After the December elections, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) published a report on how certain media outlets reported during the campaign. The report did not include data for television stations with national broadcasting licenses, as REM claimed that such data did not exist. This, however, was not true. CINS reveals what these data show.

23 Jan 2024

CINS’s article about SNS’s call center, containing recordings indicating vote-buying, was not enough for the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office to initiate proceedings within its jurisdiction.

19 Jan 2024

The Instagram account of journalist Ivana Milosavljević, who infiltrated the Serbian Progressive Party’s call center for the purposes of an investigative story ahead of the elections, was under attack throughout the entire day yesterday. As a result, the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia has filed a report with the Special Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime.

10 Jan 2024

After Transparency Serbia filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Agency on suspicion that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) had violated the Criminal Code and the Law on Financing Political Activities by organizing a call center, the party denied these allegations.