20 Jan 2023

The Hungarian pro-government press is making extremely serious accusations (betrayal of the nation, working for foreign orders, attacking minority Hungarians in the neighboring countries, and carrying a national security risk for Hungary) against investigative journalism outlet Átlátszó, based in Budapest, Hungary.Átlátszó came under attack because of their role in the “Hungarian Money” (hungarianmoney.eu) cross-border investigative […]

26 Dec 2022

The annual “Marina Kovačev” award for the best young investigative journalist in 2022 went to Teodora Ćurčić, a journalist from the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia, it was announced today at the award ceremony in Novi Sad.

06 Dec 2022

Dear Reader,CINS is celebrating its 15th birthday today. What a journey it has been!What started as an idea of a place where colleagues can improve we have grown into an important research media outlet that continues to push boundaries.Wonderful, but also difficult years are now behind us.These were years in which we had to keep […]

09 Aug 2022

Ever since the plane crash in Greece, the public has been wondering about who is employed at the Valir company that was selling mines from Krušik. CINS can now reveal who the people at this company are.

21 Jul 2022

Even though the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s documentation states that they can only use the system for reporting environmental issues, for which they paid 2.6 million EUR, because copyright ownership is in the hands of the company Tcom that created it, Minister Irena Vujović claims that the system is owned by the state.

18 Jul 2022

The job worth 144 million RSD that involves upgrading the gReact system for reporting environmental issues was awarded to Tcom, the very same company hired to introduce this system. Although it was made for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, ownership of gReact remains in the hands of Tcom. Experts explain that in this way, the Ministry invested in a private company’s product that the company can sell to other customers, while the Ministry can only be its user.

27 May 2022

Cases initiated due to doubts over the legality of the ruling party’s financing ended ingloriously, leaving behind more questions than answers. CINS reveals a police report that depicts how institutions have led to the collapse of these cases.

06 May 2022

The story about exports of Serbian weapons to Myanmar was among the best investigative stories published in the last year, the jury decided as part of the “Dejan Anastasijević” award for excellence in investigative journalism. CINS journalists Dina Đorđević and Jovana Tomić, as well as Marija Ristić and Saša Dragojlo from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), all participated in this cross-border investigative story.

24 Feb 2022

After the fire that broke out in the residential building in Bač in October 2020, tenants were promised new public housing, but this has not happened to date. In a controversial and urgent procedure, the Municipality chose a company for the construction of apartments, and then kept pushing the deadlines for completion of works, CINS can reveal.