Here you can submit a story proposal to CINS reporters. The story can be about any of the issues that CINS usually covers: corruption, organized crime, rule of law, politics and transparency and accountability of politicians, energy and environment, education, health or another issue you think can be of interest to the public.
You can submit evidence and describe why you think your proposal should be thoroughly investigated.
The evidence may be documents in common electronic formats, photos or video/audio material.
The information you provide will be examined only by CINS journalists and editors, who guarantee protection of sources if needed. Journalists and editors are obliged to keep the source secret if there is a reasonable possibility that disclosing information about the identity of the source will lead to harmful consequences.
If you do not wish to submit your information on our website, simply send us an email address that we can use to contact you or reach us via Signal: +381 62 10 39 472.