15 years of CINS: The best is yet to come

06 Dec 2022
Redakcija CINS-a; foto:CINS

Dear Reader,

CINS is celebrating its 15th birthday today. What a journey it has been!

What started as an idea of a place where colleagues can improve we have grown into an important research media outlet that continues to push boundaries.

Wonderful, but also difficult years are now behind us.

These were years in which we had to keep rediscovering ourselves, in which we were awarded the highest European awards, and in which we survived the most difficult moments. CINS’s survival has been called into question several times. We never gave up and overcame every challenge. Each time, we picked ourselves up and continued to grow. Every change brought something new ─ new energy, new determination, and new lessons. Every scar was a learning curve. The ability to adapt to changes and come out even better has become CINS’s greatest strength. Now, we no longer wait to see what the next change will be, but look to make it ourselves.

Regardless of the pressures coming from those we write about, we will not give up. For us, journalism is not just a job – it is our mission. CINS is where we grow while doing what we love. That is why we have survived all these years. We are aware that this is a rare privilege.

CINS is made up of people dedicated to working on stories and themselves – devoted team players.

We prove every day that we are professional and independent in our editorial decisions and that the only interest we pursue is the interest of the public we write for. We write for you, who has been reading, listening, and watching us all these years.

Now is the time to take a new step. In the coming years, we want to talk to you more, get to know you, hear what is important to you, and work together to make our country a better place for all. We want you, dear Reader, not to be just a name on the screen, but a part of our community, because you matter to us.


With great respect and gratitude,

Milica Šarić

director of CINS



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