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Will we win the European „Pulitzer“?

19 Apr 2017
CINS, prvi red: Anđela Milivojević, Ivana Jeremić, Bojana Bosanac, Milica Stojanović, Nevena Ršumović, Milica Šarić. Drugi red: Marko Lazić, Branko Čečen, Perica Gunjić i Dino Jahić (Foto: Vladimir Miloradović)
On Thursday evening (20 April), we will find out if we won the 2017 European Press Prize for Investigative Journalism.

All six of our reporters and editors will be present at the award ceremony in Amsterdam to hear the decision of the prize committee. We will livestream the ceremony for our category on our Facebook page, so if you are interested, you can watch with us.

We deeply respect Financial Times, Mediapart, Ekstra Bladet, The Guardian, Le Monde and other colleagues nominated in our category, but we think that we are not without the chance to win.

To quote the explanation of the Nomination Committee, our nomination is: “A testimony to the work of really good, really digging reporters serving their community.”

Six young journalists from Serbia “against” some of the most respected media of Europe? Why the heck not? We learned skills and techniques from our European colleagues and those from the rest of the developed world, but our enthusiasm, persistence, creativity and sacrifice for a better society are our own. One can’t learn that in training. You either have it or not.

Our journalists do have it and that is why they are nominated for the most prestigious award in Europe. With the award nomination we have already won the recognition of our European peers. We only wish that our own society gives us a proper recognition, too.

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia.


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