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CINS journalist awarded for tolerance

15 Nov 2017
Foto: Brankica Janković i Andrea Oricio dodeljuju nagradu novinarki CINS-a Milici Stojanović
The third place in the category print/online media was awarded to the CINS investigation on how victims of human trafficking need to undergo two sets of court proceedings so as to protect their rights, which sometimes takes years, so that they mostly give up the damage compensation claim

Milica Stojanović, journalist from Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) received today the annual media award for tolerance at the conference on the occasion of the International day of tolerance, 16 November.

The award was presented by Brankica Janković, Commissioner for protection of equality and Andrea Oricio, Head of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Stojanović, who was the third in rank in the category print/on-line media, was awarded for the text: “You survive prostitution, beating, and starvation, to fight for damages yourself”. This investigation indicated that victims of human trafficking must undergo two sets of court proceedings to protect their rights, which may last for years, and which also causes additional traumas, so that victims mostly opt for not requesting damage compensation.

The research was conducted within the project “Supervision of public policies: prEUgovor covers reforms in Chapter 23 and Chapter 24” supported by EU.

Besides the award in the category print/on-line media, CINS project “Imaju glas” (“They have voice”) which treats issues of and discrimination against LGBTI persons was also cited.

The results of the research “Gender equality in decision-making positions in local self-government units” were presented at the conference prior to presentation of awards.

The research indicated that only 12 women are mayors, while as many as 83.7% directors of public companies are men.

The award for the report produced within the project “When you grow old, nobody knocks on your door” was handed to journalists Mirjana Marić Veličković, Tatjana Marin, and Ivana Predić. Predić attended CINS School of investigative journalism, held in 2016 and 2017.

CINS has received this award for the second time in a row; last year, the award in the category print/on-line media was awarded to Filip Rudić for the story about children who travelled the migrant route by themselves, developed within CINS School of Investigative Journalism.

The winners of the awards per category are as follows:

On-line and print media Jelena Jorgačević Kisić from “Vreme” weekly, Nadežda Budimirović from the internet portal Kruš, Marjana Stevanović from the “Danas” daily and Milica Stojanović from CINS.

TV package: Tamara Tankosić from Radio-television of Serbia and Nikola Radišić from TV N1.

TV and radio report
Jovana Polić, Sanja Lončar, and Slaviša Lekić from TV production JSP, Mirjana Marić Veličković, Ivana Predić, and Tatjana Marin from the Internet portal 013 info, and Mirela Veljović from TV Forum.


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