Citizen privacy for disposal for years

Citizen privacy for disposal for years

28 June 2017, 08:28

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Omissions in the course of personal data processing take place regularly, while the law Serbia is implementing has become outdated long ago. Misdemeanor charges are frequently barred by statute of limitation and penalties are low, while culprits for jeopardizing citizen privacy are frequently not found.

By: Anđela Milivojević, Milica Stojanović

Ministry of Justice postpones adoption of the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency

Even though the new Draft law was completed back in autumn last year, sources from the Ministry of justice state that, prior to taking the next step, they want to obtain approval of the new Agency director – who has not been appointed yet. CINS interviewees, including representatives of the Agency, say that this delay is quite unnecessary

22 June 2017, 09:22

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Investigation against Bogoljub Karić: 11 years of waiting for witnesses, documents, and translations

The investigation initiated in February 2006, marked by slow pace and lack of efficiency of judicial institutions in obtaining of evidence, was suspended in the end of 2016 without an indictment. Karić says that, due to political reasons, the case was never aimed at reaching the court

19 June 2017, 10:19

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Statute of limitations expired in a case against SNS, prosecutor’s office and the Anti-Corruption Agency shift responsibility

Although, as far back as three years ago, the Anti-Corruption Agency had notified prosecutor’s office in Zaječar that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) had financed the electoral campaign without observing the rules, by making cash payments, the prosecutor’s office initiated preliminary investigation only following CINS’ last year article on this matter. Several months later the statute of limitations expired with reference to this case.

29 March 2017, 10:29

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Mokra Gora Dream: A State-owned Hotel without a Licence, Kusturica’s “Drvengrad” Full with Guests

National Ecological Centre, managed by the Nature Park and tourist settlement Drvengrad, owned by Emir Kusturica, are both located in Mokra Gora. While Drvengrad runs its business successfully hosting thousands of visitors, the Centre welcomes no tourists at all in spite of the fact that six years have passed since its opening. While previously holding the position of the director, Kusturica is now the president of the Nature Park’s Assembly. 

24 March 2017, 09:24

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Safe and Sound? Jury still out on Serbia’s whistleblower protection law

Marija Beretka needed to initiate three court proceedings in order to obtain protection as a whistleblower. In one ruling, the Novi Sad High Court said the police is not an authorized recipient of whistleblower reports. Serbia’s Law on Protection of Whistleblowers, which took effect in June 2015, is designed to help people who report corruption and crime from retaliation. However, more time must pass before its actual effects and benefits can be determined.

23 January 2017, 09:23

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Jorgovanka Tabaković plagiarized a significant part of her doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis of the Governor of the National bank of Serbia is full of paragraphs literally copied from works of other authors, without quoting them. In some sentences, synonyms such as “changeable” instead of “variable” make the only difference, while some other sentences are repeated twice without quoting the source.

21 December 2016, 08:21

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