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Jorgovanka Tabaković plagiarized a significant part of her doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis of the Governor of the National bank of Serbia is full of paragraphs literally copied from works of other authors, without quoting them. In some sentences, synonyms such as “changeable” instead of “variable” make the only difference, while some other sentences are repeated twice without quoting the source.

By: Anđela Milivojević

Jorgovanka Tabaković, Foto: Beta

Jorgovanka Tabaković, Foto: Beta

The analysis of the doctoral thesis of the National bank of Serbia (NBS) Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković indicates that more than 20% of the text was taken over, without any references on books and works written by economists or academics.
Without quoting the references, Governor Tabaković took over works of her former National Bank associate, Nikola Tasić, economist Mehmed Murić, Professor Lidija Barjaktarović from Singidunum UniversityJasna Atanasijević from Novi Sad University, and other scientists.

In some cases, the whole paragraphs or sub-chapters were copied with minimum changes introduced, such as the words “thus” instead of “that is why” in the beginning of a sentence, while the rest of the content is identical. The authors’ names are not quoted, and are also mostly not given in the list of references.

Tabaković won her PhD in 2011, at the Faculty for service business of Educons University from small town Sremska Kamenica, located less than 100 kilometers north of Belgrade. Her thesis, entitled "Instrumenti centralne banke - dometi i ograničenja na primeru Republike Srbije" ("Central bank instruments – scopes and limits on the example of the Republic of Serbia") comprises 240 pages. Professor Milenko Dželetović was the mentor. He is nowadays President of the Economic council of Tabaković’s Serb Progressive Party (SNS), ruling party in Serbia.
Centre for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) received a copy of the doctoral thesis in June 2016, after the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance had threatened Educons with a fine. Before that, the university had been refusing to submit Governor Tabaković’s work for more than two years.
With assistance of professors from several universities, the doctoral thesis was processed using Turnitin software which is used to detect plagiarism. This method is frequently used to check student papers at universities throughout the world.

CINS journalists firstly transformed the hard copy of the doctoral thesis into a searchable Word document in Cyrillic alphabet, which was then transposed into Latin alphabet. Both versions, in Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, were fed into the given software. The sentences which the software determined as potential plagiarism were separately checked in the sources quoted as originals.

Jorgovanka Tabaković did not respond to CINS requests for an interview. The contacted authors of original texts also did not want to talk about this topic. Milenko Dželetović could not reply to questions asked by CINS due to his current duties in Telekom Srbija, where he works as the financial manager.

Aleksandar Andrejević, Rector of Educons University, says that all procedures relating to defending of a doctoral thesis were observed, and that the quality of the paper was confirmed by five top experts in the area. Except for the positive evaluation of the three-member dissertation committee, which included Dželetović, Andrejević explains that he initiated two additional independent reviews of the dissertation a year later.

Andrejević also says that, unlike natural and technical sciences, social sciences are more likely to tolerate matching of texts, which, as his colleagues had told him, may amount to up to 20%.

In the academic community, presentations of work of others as own work, without clear referencing of authors and sources, is deemed intolerable. According to the Code of professional ethics of Belgrade University, “literal assumption of texts written by other authors, i.e. copying from electronic or print sources, from Serbian or foreign languages, partly or as a whole”, without quoting authors and sources, is plagiarism.

Copying of whole sub-chapters

According to Turnitin findings, about 12% of the text of the dissertation is based on the book "Monetarno-kreditni i devizni sistem" (“The monetary-credit and foreign exchange system”) written by Professor Lidija Barjaktarović. This is a textbook for students of the Business University Singidunum, published in 2010.
A half of the first two chapters of the dissertation are written based on this book, without references to Professor Barjaktarović. Her textbook is also not mentioned in the reference list of literature. The whole paragraphs were copied without references, with small modifications of sentences or the format of writing.
Thus, Tabaković literally copied the whole chapters from the books entitled "Funkcije centralne banke u tržišnoj privredi" (“Functions of the central bank in a market economy”) and "Makroekonomski ciljevi i monetarna politika centralne banke" (“Macroeconomic goals and monetary policy of the central bank”), with an addition of two paragraphs of her own.

In the dissertation, some footnotes of Professor Barjaktarović’s book comprise an integral part of the text; in one place, a sentence is divided in two, while some sentences are merged.


Barjaktarović (strana 133):

In some parts of the text, it is also possible to find spelling errors, which resemble simple copying of the original text; thus, for instance, in one sentence, a hyphen remained with the word "pret- postavka" (“assumption”) which, in the book written by Professor Barjaktarović, was transported to the new line after the hyphen.

The sentence which Professor Barjaktarović used in two places was also taken over twice by Tabaković, without any referencing, as an introductory sentence to Chapter 1.1 on page 13, and in Chapter 1.3 on page 17.

A sentence on page 29 of the dissertation begins with: “Thus, the discount policy must be implemented in close coordination with other segments of macroeconomic policy …”, while the same sentence in the textbook begins with: “In the end we may conclude that the discount policy must be implemented in close coordination with other segments of macroeconomic policy …”

Borrowing from a former NBS colleague

Work of Nikola Tasić, former NBS advisor, nowadays lecturer at the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship – PEP, is yet another source much used. CINS found that out of the four texts written by Tasić which were used for the dissertation, only one was referenced in the list of literature.

These are the texts written by Tasić alone or in cooperation with other authors in 2008 and 2009, which the software found at the web-sites of the National Bank of Serbia, Association of Serbian Banks, and at the web page of the author, www.tasic.net which is no longer in function.

In the sub-chapter on mandatory reserves on page 35 of the dissertation, the example of Chile is mentioned. The identical text may be found in the paper "Efikasnost stope obavezne rezerve kao instrumenta monetarne politike" (“Efficiency of the mandatory reserve rate as an instrument of monetary policy”) written by Mirjana Palić and Nikola Tasić. The whole three pages, i.e. 37 sentences, are taken over from this text, word by word, with slight differences, but with the same typing errors as in the original paper.

In the text entitled "Kanal kamatne stope u uslovima dolarizacije: slučaj Srbije" (“The interest rate channel in circumstances of dollarization: the case of Serbia”), of a group of authors including Tasić, the introductory chapter reads:

Tabaković begins the sub-chapter on page 43 of the dissertation on limited scopes of monetary policy in exactly the same manner; in one sentence, the authors write: “The aim of this analysis is…”, while the dissertation reads: “One of the goals of this dissertation is...".



Except for the given examples, among others, three more 12-sentence paragraphs were taken over from the same paper, without referencing the names of the authors and listing the paper in the list of literature.

In her dissertation, Tabaković used a model entitled vector auto-regression (VAR), while data and the methodology are based on two texts Tasić worked on. One of these two papers written by Tasić is mentioned in the list of literature, but the parts of the text taken over from the paper are not referenced.

Changeable instead of variable

A part of the text of the dissertation was taken over from the text entitled "Prednostite i nedostatocite na konceptot na targetiranje na inflacijata” (“Advantages and disadvantages of the inflation targeting concept”), written by Mehmed Murić and published in the Macedonian magazine Ekonomija i biznis (“Economy and Business“) in 2010. CINS journalists examined the Serbian and Macedonian versions of the paper.

Other sources recognized by Turnitin software in Jorgovanka Tabaković’s dissertation also include the web page of Professor Danica Popović (danica.popovic.ekof.bg.ac.rs), full-time professor of Belgrade Faculty of Economics.

The web-site of Danica Popović used to include a text of Jasna Atanasijević (Dimitrijević at the time), lecturer at the Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, which was written in 2007. Parts of the paper were used in the second chapter of the dissertation. The largest portion of adopted text, more than 20 whole sentences, may be found on pages 38, 39, and 40.
The currently valid regulations of Educons University where Tabaković won her doctorate stipulate that every student needs to sign a statement on authorship prior to defending a thesis, to guarantee that the dissertation is a result of own work, that no copyrights were violated, and that no intellectual property of other persons was used without an approval.

The Rulebook on doctoral studies of Educons University does not stipulate whether a doctorate may be revoked in the case of plagiarism.



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15 July 2019, 22:15
Kada ce ljudi napraviti frku za sav izmet koji izmet za sobom ostavlja? Pa ovo je vishe nepodnoshljivo. KOga boli uvo da lki je dobar guverner ili ne, to nije tema! Za guvernera joj nije trebala ova diploma. Alo sendvicari, uozbiljite se! Doktorat nije zezanje! Svako plagiranje, posebno tako velike i vazne diplome jeste - krivicno delo!
15 July 2019, 19:15
Mene je zacudilo kada sam je video prvi put da je uopste zavrsila srednju. Ovo nije nikakva novost, kako neko moze da pomisli da je ovo olicenje pokondirene tikve ikada proslo pored doktorata.
10 May 2019, 23:10
Kako to da nije doktorirala na drzavnom fakultetu.
10 May 2019, 10:10
Pa šta oćelivati od nepismenog kadra bivšeg SRS-a i sada perjanice SNS-a. Kazniti prvo profesore iz komisije da izgube licencu za rad a posle prepisivačicu Jorgovanku.
09 October 2018, 14:09
Dobro je da su botovi mentalno ograniceni pa na clanak napisan na Engleskom jeziku komentarisu Srpskim. Radikali, a i njihova napredna frakcija su unistili sve sto su dotakli. Danas ih samo stoka koju su dovukli sa sobom podrzava i brani ispraznim komentarima. Kuka i motika doci ce vam glave, nista ne traje vecno.
11 June 2018, 20:11
uau koliko botova na ovakvim stranama, opet su se spontano okupili da odbteane nikada bolji standard i kvalitet zivota zahvaljujuci prepisivacici doktorata. ova zena treba da bude u zatvoru a ne guvernerka
22 March 2018, 17:22
Ботови се удружили да старог неофашистичког члана Шешељеве странке бране овде. У зависности од тежине животне ситуације у којој се налазе, нека им служи на образ такво понашање.
14 October 2017, 08:14
Cista novinarska prica sto bi verovali u tako nesto
14 October 2017, 07:14
Ocigledno da neko, ko je jedva zavrsio osnovnu skolu, uz pomoc medija pokusava na ovako prljav i neposten nacin da diskredituje kvalitete guvernerke Tabakovic.
14 October 2017, 06:14
Ovo je verovatno jos jedna u nizu neka smicalica koje pravi opozicija, jker nemaju ni jedan validan dokaz. Ali bez obzira Jorgovanka Tabakovic je svoju strucnost dokazala radom.
13 October 2017, 22:13
Kako niste pregledali diplome Čede Jovanovića, Velje Ilića, Šapića, i na desetine vidjenih članova vlasti od 2ooo do 2o12 godine?
13 October 2017, 22:13
nemam poverenje u novinarsko istraživanje.
13 October 2017, 22:13
I šta dalje sa tim
13 October 2017, 21:13
Kakvi su ostali imali doktorate, pokažite kakve su doktorate imali funkcioneri opozicionih stranaka.
Cile Mile
13 October 2017, 21:13
Dobro je kada je kritikuje lažna elita i njeni intelektualci koji ne znaju ni ko je Nadežda Petrović ni Uroš Predić!!!
13 October 2017, 21:13
To je njena stvar.
13 October 2017, 21:13
Kako da se anulira rezultat rada guvernerke nego da se ona prikaze kao losa osoba!
M da
13 October 2017, 20:13
CINS, sve mi ja jasno.
lepa lukic
13 October 2017, 20:13
Slazem se sa Predsednikovom izjavom!
13 October 2017, 20:13
Opet opozicija i njene lazi.
13 October 2017, 20:13
Na kraju cemo videti sta se desava i ko je u pravu.
Branko Jankovic
13 October 2017, 20:13
Skolovani akademski politicari su nas u intervalu od 2000 - 2012 godine, bas onako strucno opljackali i prodavali praznu magu ...
13 October 2017, 19:13
Gospodja Jorgovanka Tabakovic je pokazala svoje kvalitete i dobar je guverner, tako da nema potrebe za ovim.
13 October 2017, 19:13
Svaka greska moze da se ispravi!
bojan bajčetić
13 October 2017, 19:13
Čim su objavljene u medijima iz indeksa ocene Jankovića kao čak ni prosečnog studenta evo, sada i analize doktorske disertacije g-dje Tabaković. Malo je sve to providno, a malo više nebitno.
13 October 2017, 18:13
ima vremena da se sve do kraja ispita,ne treba ovo politizovati
13 October 2017, 18:13
Videcemo kada se slucaj ispita.
13 October 2017, 18:13
Više verujem u sud pet vrhunskih stručnjaka nego u neko novinarsko istraživanje.
13 October 2017, 18:13
Sve je odradjeno s ciljem da se narusi kredibilitet guvernerke.
13 October 2017, 18:13
Prvo, otkud znamo da je ovo zaista Jorgovankin doktorat?
Drugo, otkud pravo za generalizacijom?
Trece, dok sam radila na F@M pola tadasnjeg DSa doktoriralo posle dve posete kabinetu.

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