REM Enables Serbian Broadcasting Corporation to Earn Additional Revenue Contrary to Regulations

REM Enables Serbian Broadcasting Corporation to Earn Additional Revenue Contrary to Regulations

18 April 2019, 10:18

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Through the extension of commercial breaks during the TV shows Nemanjići (The Nemanjić Dynasty), Vojna akademija (Military Academy), Senke nad Balkanom (Black Sun), and Santa Maria della Salute, RTS was enabled to make millions. Although the rules envisage longer commercial breaks on the public service only on special occasions, such as international sporting events, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media enabled RTS to earn additional revenue

By: Anđela Milivojević

Reply to REM: Ladies and Gentlemen, You Had Your Chance

On the occasion of REM’s response to a CINS article, I can only say: this is for the readers, because REM had its chance – four times.

10 April 2019, 10:10

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REM Council Ignores Findings of Its Own Service in Bid to Justify Television Campaigns

CINS is publishing the details of reports by the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM) Supervision and Analysis Service, which reveal several violations by the Pink and Studio B televisions during the campaign for the election of members of the Belgrade city administration in 2018. The pro-regime televisions led negative campaigns against Dragan Đilas and other opposition leaders, as well as against journalist Tamara Skrozza. The REM Council ignored the findings of its own service 

09 April 2019, 08:09

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REM’s Concessions to Televisions to the Detriment of Children

Even though it notices that free-to-air televisions broadcast programs that damage minors, REM fails to punish them. The regulatory body’s software over the course of three years registered at least 1,000 violations, where televisions did not properly rate the age appropriateness of a given program. None of the cases made it to court, which a former REM member considers a concession to the televisions for the sake of their profit from advertising. REM initiates proceedings for other violations, months afterward, which is why almost a half of the proceedings exceeded the statute of limitations

27 March 2019, 08:27

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Tax Authority Checks Južne Vesti, but Not Televisions Connected with Gašić

While the Južne Vesti newspaper has over the past five years often been the target of tax inspectors, the Niš-based televisions connected with Bratislav Gašić’s son Vladan did not undergo such checks until 2018. The Tax Administration documentation which Južne Vesti received and CINS analyzed, indicates that the manner in which tax inspectors checked this media outlet – was a form of pressure.

14 March 2019, 08:14

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Šarić’s Aide Involved in Small Hydropower Plants Business

Miloš Pandrc, convicted of drug smuggling as a member of Darko Šarić’s gang, was appointed – while in prison – as a representative of the company that built the Virovci hydropower plant. The company bought location and certain permits for the plant from a firm linked to another ex-gang leader. Virovci is one of the six plants which, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, obtained construction permits illegally

26 February 2019, 08:26

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Unallowed Donation of 1.3 Million EUR to the Ruling Party

Serbian Progressive Party received office space in Belgrade as a gift worth about 1.3 million EUR, the value of which exceeds the limit allowed by law. The premises have been donated by Velibor Jovanović, a member of the party, who had bought them a year before for about 250 thousand EUR. If it turns out that the law was broken in this way, the premises should be seized

22 January 2019, 09:22

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