Small hydroelectric power plants: the state and companies connected to Vučić’s godfather profit most

Small hydroelectric power plants: the state and companies connected to Vučić’s godfather profit most

The hydroelectric power plants owned by EPS (Serbian Electric Power Industry) and those connected to Nikola Petrović were paid more than €21 million...

Pink extended loan by AOFI again

Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency (AOFI) granted Pink international company, broadcaster of TV Pink, a new €3.2 million in March 2017, but refuses to supply details on the loan.

Vukasin Lost the Battle. But not the War.

One day this September, Vukasin Obradovic entered the offices of Vranjske, a Serbian weekly, saw the reporters who had invested their lives into the publication – as well as his own 23 years of hard work - and realized: this is the end.

The Agency lenient to Siniša Mali for years

Siniša Mali violated the Law on Anti-corruption agency three times, and was pronounced the measure of reprimand in all three cases

Awards for Sale

Three years after I investigated bogus international awards sold for thousands of euros – ta-dah! – I got invited to pick up mine, for just €4,750

Thousands of hectares of forests disappear each year as a result of illegal logging

Illegal logging and timber theft is the most often committed criminal offense against the environment in the past 10 years. Trees are most often cut in privately owned forests which are not guarded, however, theft is also common in state owned forests, so

Tons of dead animal bodies scattered throughout Serbia

The environment and people's health are jeopardized by illegal disposal of animal remains.

Regional landfill in Novi Sad: Growth of pollution and bureaucracy

Serbia will need at least 918 million € to regulate the area of waste disposal. One of the main projects involves construction of regional landfills...

You survive prostitution, beating, and starvation – to fight for damages yourself

Victims of human trafficking are forced to pass two sets of court proceedings so as to claim their rights.

Investigation against Bogoljub Karić: 11 years of waiting for witnesses, documents, and translations

The investigation initiated in February 2006, marked by slow pace and lack of efficiency of judicial institutions in obtaining of evidence...

CINS won European Press Prize for investigative journalism

The Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) won the most renowned European journalism recognition in the competition of most reputable European media and in the most prestigious category for investigative journalism.

Jorgovanka Tabaković plagiarized a significant part of her doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis of the Governor of the National bank of Serbia is full of paragraphs literally copied from works of other authors, without quoting them.