You survive prostitution, beating, and starvation – to fight for damages yourself

You survive prostitution, beating, and starvation – to fight for damages yourself

Victims of human trafficking are forced to pass two sets of court proceedings so as to claim their rights.

Award “Contribution of the Year to Europe“ presented to CINS

As stated in the explanation provided by the jury, this year the European Movement decided to stimulate the incentive for building a modern and democratic society...

Mokra Gora Dream: A State-owned Hotel without a Licence, Kusturica’s “Drvengrad” Full with Guests

National Ecological Centre, managed by the Nature Park and tourist settlement Drvengrad, owned by Emir Kusturica, are both located in Mokra Gora. While Drvengrad runs its...

CINS won European Press Prize for investigative journalism

The Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) won the most renowned European journalism recognition in the competition of most reputable European media and in the most prestigious category for investigative journalism.

Safe and Sound? Jury still out on Serbia’s whistleblower protection law

Marija Beretka needed to initiate three court proceedings in order to obtain protection as a whistleblower.

Jorgovanka Tabaković plagiarized a significant part of her doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis of the Governor of the National bank of Serbia is full of paragraphs literally copied from works of other authors, without quoting them.

Football, Business and Politics: New Management Agency Takes Over Most Talented Partizan Players

Within little less than two years since its inception, the International Sports Office has succeeded in becoming the management agent...

Three lawyers earned as much as their 511 colleagues

Out of 1,617 lawyers who acted as duty counsels in Belgrade, only five had more than 100 cases each – this making the total of 1,009 cases.

Huge debts for heating are also paid by the citizens who are not using it

District heating system in Serbia is debt-burdened, expensive and inefficient.

Serbia promisses clean, while investing into dirty energy

Serbia has taken a commitment to produce energy from renewable sources, but it is building a new block of Kostolac B thermal power plant which will be using lignite coal.

Never-Ending Criminal Trials: Mira Marković’s Trial Adjourned 50 Times over 13 Years

Trial of Slobodan Milošević’s wife and another ten persons suspected of alleged abuse of public office for allocation of apartments is just one out of 583...

Anti-Corruption Agency Brought Proceedings against 1/5 of MPs

Of 250 National Assembly deputies with confirmed terms of office, the Anti-Corruption Agency brought proceedings over their failure to declare property and other violations of the law against 51 legislators.